Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why do women LOVE to wear jewelry?

Submission by Meus Kaveny, Stella & Dot Jewelry

Why do women LOVE to wear jewelry?  Different reasons, for sure.  Some wear them to showcase their personality.  Others wear them to show how they are feeling that day.  Still others wear them for the sentimental memories their jewelry pieces bring. 
I wear my Stella & Dot jewelry because I want to look chic & stylish.  Jewelry can do that, especially Stella & Dot (that’s a little plug ).

Anyway, whatever your WHY is, you will love reading this article.  It’s has wonderful advice on HOW to wear your jewelry. 
Should I go for a statement piece?  

Should I mix silver & gold? 

 What’s the right necklace length for which neckline? 

 What kind of jewelry is appropriate for my age and body type? 

 Melissa Kagan answers these questions in JEWELRY DOS & DON’TS – WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW.  (Click to Read on…)

Meus Kaveny

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